Egg roll (Making25 rolls); Serving Size 2 Egg Rolls

Egg Roll

Egg Roll

1 lb Ground Pork

1 bag of dry bean thread noodle (soaked for 1 hour than drain prior to use)

½ cup sheared carrot

2 cups sheared cabbages

½ cup chopped brown onion

½ cup wood ear (optional) Note: If use dry soaked for 1 hour than drain prior to use

2 TBS chicken powder seasoning (for favor)

2 TBS brown Sugar

1 TBS salt (optional)

2 eggs

2 TBS garlic (minded)

1 package of 25 sheet Egg roll

1 TBS Olive Oil/or Vegetable Oil

4 cup vegetable oil for Deep Fry (In deep frying pan)

Preparing time: 1 hour

  1.  In the frying pan add Olive Oil, add minded garlic, bring it to sizzling, add ground pork, add chicken seasoning, at medium heat over stove, keep striving the ground pork over stove to avoid burn or stick until completely cook.
  2. After cooked ground pork completely cool down to 25C room temperature, put in a large salad blow, add in 1 bag of dry bean thread noodle, ½ cup sheared carrot 2 cups sheared cabbages ½ cup chopped brown onion, ½ cup wood ear, 2 TBS chicken powder seasoning, 2 TBS brown Sugar, 1 TBS salt, 2 TBS garlic, add 1 egg mixing all ingredients in gently until all completely mixed.
  3. Peeled egg rolls sheet, individually, add egg roll mix in center of sheet and roll them, deep fry and serve as individual or lettuce wraps with spicy sweet & sour sauce



By Chef:  Christina Bang Sengaloune

Lao Kitchen Famous Green Papaya Salad (Spicy)

Green Papaya

Green Papaya

Serving size 2-4 Person;


1 lbs Shredded green papaya

2 TBS Lao Kitchen Pha-dak Sauce (Pre-Prep)

1 medium tomato or 5 cherry tomatoes

2 TBS freshly squeeze lime Juice (1 med Lime)

10 Lao Chilies

1 grove garlic (Optional)

1 TBS Sugar

2 wedge cabbage for garnishing


Prep time 5 minutes:  minded Lao Chilies, garlic, add shredded green papaya, sliced tomato, lime Juice, sugar and mix it well, serve couple wedge  cabbage.

Kao Paek Kai

Lao rice Noodle soup

Lao hand Made Rice Noodle soup (Kao Paek)

Kao Paek (Hand Made Rice Noodle soup (Kai,Shrimp,Pork or just plane vegetable).

How to Cook Kao Paek:

In a Large Soup Pot add 8-10 Cups of water, add soup base, ginger, lemon grass, bring it to boil, add Chicken meat, let it boil for 30 minutes, remove chicken meat from boiling pot to strain (slice in thin piece save it for garnish ); add noodle bring it to boil or until noodle strain float to the top of the soup base, turn off soup pot.  Its Now ready to serve!

NOTE:  Serving Bowl, Noodle soup top it off with slice cook chicken, green onion, Cilantro, and optional cook pork blood.

Serving Size: 4-6 people

Soup Base Ingredients :

1-2 lbs Chicken

1-2 Tbs Chicken stock powder (for Favor)

3 sliced ginger

1 head of Lemon grass ( cut in 1″ size)

3  Head of green onion (chop Thin)

1 cup (chop) Cilantro

optional: Cook Pork Blood ( cut in cube)

Prep Time: 2 hours

Lao Hand Noodle Prep:

ADD 2 cups rice Flour, 1 cup corn starch, 3 cups of hot Boil water into a mixing Bowl; mix  Hot water flour in to dough while its hot (Please use heat resistant hand Glove to mix the Dough).  Then make dough in to an egg size ball, and roll them flat  into as lengthy as possible and wide about 4 inch. (Note: If dough is to soft or sticky add more corn starch).  Lay rolled sheet flat and cut them in noodle string as desire.


Lao New Year 2012 @ Market Creek



Lao New Year Banner

Lao New Year Banner

Every year the Lao community gathers to celebrate the new years, one of the first places is at the Market Creek Plaza.  You can find more information at this link:

Lao New Year Celebration 2012 – April 7 & 8 ( 10AM – 7PM)

@ The Market Creek Plaza – 310 Euclid Avenue, San Diego, CA 92114

More information at:

 Bellow are the locations and dates for the next Lao New Year celebration:

Market Creek:  4/7 – 4/8

Wat Market : 4/14 – 4/15

Skyline Temple:  4/21 – 4/22

Temecula :  4/28 – 4/29


Lao New Year 2011 picture below:

Lao Kitchen 2011 at Market Creek

Lao Kitchen 2011 at Market CreePictures from 2011


What you need to know before using any Bamboo Utensil.

Sticky rice warmer

Sticky rice warmer

—- What you need to know before using a Sticky Rice Warmer. —-

Sticky Rice Warmer:  Originally hand woven from bamboo, it’s been used for many centuries.  this utencil will keep your sticky rice warm and sticky for hours.  Its used to prevent the rice from getting soggy.

Need to Know:  When you buy any Bamboo baskets like this one, make sure to soak it in luke warm water, let it soak overnight before use, to clean it.   Rinse until water is clear.

You can find it at any oriental store, you can usually find a small one for around $6.99, a large one for $20, shop around for the better deal.




Original Lao Utensil

Koke and Sak

Two well known Lao Utensils, traditionally used to make papaya salad.


Kok:  Hand made out of Clay.

Sak: Usually made out of wood.


They have been used in Lao Kitchens for Centuries, these 2 utensils used to grind medicine, spice, to mix salads.  Used for grinding rice.

Papaya salad is traditionally mixed with these two utensils.


You can find these 2 utensils in most oriental markets.


Valentines Day Shrimp Dish

Shrimp Heart

Valentines day Shrimp Dish

In looking for a good Valentines day meal, I discovered a simple and easy way to make a standard Dish into a Valentines day Dish.

Using 2 Jumbo Shrimp make a heart, arranged in a heart shape.  This tasty treat is sure to warm up your sweethearts heart.

It’s very simple to make:


Hot water bring to boil, add a peace of lime leaf.   A slice of lemon grass, slice of Ginger.  Put in the shrimp, make sure the water covers the shrimp, let the water boil for 1 minute, make sure shrimp are fully cooked, tenderly cooked.  Bring the shrimp out.

Have Ice cold water ready in a small bowl, 2 cups of ice cold water.  Strain out the shrimp from the boiled pot.  Put the shrimp in the iced water.  Let it chill, dump out the cold water.

Peal the shrimp, arrange in heart shape.  On a shot glass filled with cocktail sauce garnish it with shivs or green onions.

Ingredients: (serving size 1 person)

4 Jumbo Shrimp

2 Branch of Green onions

1 Cherry tomato (for garnish)

Cocktail Sauce

1 Slice of Ginger

1 Slice of lemon Grass

1 lime leaf for aroma.

By: Christina Sengaloune